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Your bathroom shower – a stand-up spa

A tidy bathroom is a place of calm and comfort. Raise that feeling even further by turning your shower into a home spa. You don’t even need a bath.

Make your shower eucalyptus fresh

Drawing a warm bath is not always an option – and doesn’t have to be. A shower can be enough to create your own hammam (while using less water). Simply hang some eucalyptus in the shower and let its invigorating fragrance spread in the humid air.

Your personal goody bag

Time alone in the bathroom can be a brief privilege. For efficiency, have a standby kit. Just open your box – prepared with scrub, scented candles or whatever is required – and dive into the moment. Afterwards it goes back in the box, in wait for new sessions.

Natural beauty, indeed

There are more ways to make your home spa different (but just as good). You can even start in the kitchen. Let nutrient-rich leftover coffee grounds get a second life in a home-made scrub.

A dessert for your body

Your new scrub is the ideal ingredient for a slow, mindful bathroom ritual. Placed in a nice jar, it serves as an accessible reminder to pamper yourself again before long.

Bring the spa feeling with you (when the bathroom is taken)

Then it happens. Your bathroom is off limits just when you need it most. Turn the misfortune in your favour, and seek refuge in another part of your home. A footbath, a bit of calm and some time alone may well do the trick.

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Made by
Interior designer: Kristina Pospelova
Photographer: Åsa Haleby
Writer: Henrik Annemark

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