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How to make a busy bathroom a place to relax

Your bathroom serves a string of busy functions on a daily basis. See how you can make all of them work, and still have room for comfort and relaxation.

A cleaning hub with built-in ventilation

Use a rod and a shower curtain to create a complement to your cleaning cupboard. Unsightly equipment is stored out of sight yet accessibly close – while the air flow helps dry any dampness.

Make your mop disappear

Having your cleaning tools organised makes them easier to both use and return to. When they’re not needed, close the curtain and feel the peace of mind it brings.

An ecosystem of towels

Racks or hooks that allow air to circulate around each towel prolong their freshness. They dry quick and the need for frequent washing is minimised.

Storage with a calming effect

Having a lot to store doesn’t mean it all has to go in a cupboard. Many bathroom items are better kept out in the open – either to be close at hand or are nice to look at. Add a plant or two to set a calm mood for the entire room (and they’ll thrive in the humid air).

Kit your clutter for easy access

Even if you have a cabinet ready to swallow the clutter, it’s worth resisting a little. Let containers hold kits for different activities – home spa, make-up, personal hygiene – to bring out or put back at a moment’s notice.

Give the bathroom feeling a little extra room

While it’s an ideal place for relaxed seclusion, your bathroom may also be the busiest spot around. To be on the safe side, arrange a corner that expands both the feeling and function of the bathroom – unlocked and available round the clock.

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