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How to arrange a summer party, part III: reduce waste

See how you can minimise waste – starting even before your party has begun. Better still, make the cleaning up part of the celebration. (Find links to the rest of your celebration below.)

Make the tableware part of the meal

Reduce washing-up and waste by serving party food that offers its own eatable containers, like canapés and other finger food. Serve on a chopping board or platter and watch them disappear into thin air.

Make a feast of your leftovers

What to do with uneaten food? Keep the party going! Invite your closest guests once more, now for leftover brunch. And maybe a helping hand with the finishing touches of the clean-up.

Let old bottles bloom

Save emptied glass bottles from the bin. Stripped of labels, they can be upcycled into vases just as they are. Or paint them and create a whole new expression.

When you’re hosting a party, minimising waste is not just a good idea in general. With the right tweaks, like making it easy for your guests to recycle from the outset, it can also effectively reduce the workload.
Christina Breeze, IKEA interior designer

Sort everything out right away

While keeping waste to a minimum is commendable in itself, it also helps to prepare for what’s coming. Create a shortcut to the recycling station by encouraging your guests to do the sorting for you.

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