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Find baby gifts for new parents like toys, blankets and more

If there's anything more captivating than watching a baby discover a new favourite thing, it's watching their family's reaction. Maybe you know parents to be who are expecting their first baby or just welcomed a new family member into the world. Now it’s time to help them out with some lovely baby shower gifts.

New babies get lots of presents, but picking the right one can be tricky. Here are a few ideas for giving them something that’s truly helpful and valuable. Unlock the baby’s wonder with IKEA presents for new parents including toys, blankets and more.

What are the best new baby gift ideas?

Is your circle of friends or family getting a little bit bigger? Welcome the newest additions with these handy IKEA baby gift ideas. Get snuggly with baby blankets and comfy textiles for the little ones. Encourage exploration (and keep it safe) with soft toys, mobiles, play mats and baby gyms for newborns. There are also familiar things that make them feel loved and welcome. Get the toddlers giggling with wooden toys, stacking cups, building blocks and colourful accessories.

New baby gifts should essentially say “welcome to the world” to the little boy or girl. By being thoughtful and picking the right one, you can make a personal gesture to the child and the parents to be. These kinds of personalised gifts include cute and functional items alike. This means they’re the perfect presents to bring along to the baby shower.


What gift should you give the new parents?

If you’re not a parent yourself, it can sometimes be tricky finding the right gifts for new parents. But have no fear! There are several safe and personal baby presents that any parent will be grateful for. With these gifts, you can easily help relieve the daily stresses parents face when they have a new child. Give them an extra hand with cute night lights or baby towels and washcloths. Or help them out in the kitchen with child-safe dinnerware, utensils and more. It’s a way to show you truly care.

Whether you're shopping for a first child or a fifth, there is something unique about every baby. IKEA baby gifts include fun items for kids and practical gifts that new parents really need. From stimulating toys to calming baby accessories to durable baby gear for hitting the road, there are gifts for every adventure. You can follow their journey from newborn to toddler with age-appropriate baby products. Shop for baby shower gifts, presents for toddlers, and helpful baby accessories for any occasion.

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