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Explore a whole forest of green gifts for plant lovers

Bring the spring to your next housewarming, surprise birthday party or family get-together. Breathe new life into their everyday life at home with these gift ideas for your green-fingered friends.

Everyday life is full of great excuses to celebrate. And bringing the right present can make things even better. So, why not gift your friends and family something with a decorative flair they can add to their space? That’s exactly what you can do with these plant gift ideas for any occasion and every home. No matter if you’re going to a housewarming, a birthday or welcoming someone new into your life. Plants and flowers never go out of style – you just need to remind your loved ones to water their gifts every now and then.

You can bring an indoor plant pot as a design statement in itself – or you can combine it with a houseplant to complete the set. As always, it’s all up to you. Our selection of plants, flowers and accessories comes in all the colours of the rainbow. And they’re just waiting for you to pick them off the shelves and bring to your next party.

The IKEA range has something for everyone and there’s plenty to choose from. So, whether you’re shopping for the friend who needs a pick-me-up or the family member who’s celebrating a special time in their life, you can find your next nature-inspired gift here.

Let us help you plant the seed to a greener future for someone special in your life. From garden plants to artificial flowers, a little piece of nature always goes a long way. And when combined with stylish flowerpots and planters, you can add both colour and texture to your next gift.

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