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Jogging for the planet

Plogging is a mix of the English word jogging and the Swedish term “plocka upp”, which means picking up. This green fitness trend was born in Sweden, when people started to pick up litter while jogging. To plog means to get fit, while becoming a local hero for the environment at the same time.

Location: Outdoor
Time of day: Morning
Duration: 60 minutes

Activate your body with a greater purpose.

How to give yourself a higher reason to get fit

30 minutes of plogging is estimated to burn 50 more calories than regular jogging. Add to that the joy of caring for your local environment by doing a small task with a big impact. Joining a growing community of like-minded ploggers, you also combine exercise with socialising in a fun and meaningful way. Want to help the environment without breaking a sweat? Pick up litter while you're on a neighbourhood walk. 


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