Add some summer to your morning routine

Get a fair share of nature even before your day has started! See how much you can do with just minor adjustments, and enjoy the boost that comes with it.

Balcony corner with a raised wooden surface on which lies cushions, bed linen and a tray holding a small breakfast.

Move your morning into the light

Splashing water on your face to wake up is refreshing as it is – but why not add some well-being to it? Bring your morning kit and a provisional washbasin out on your balcony, and turn it into a bright, mindful ritual.

Let the energy spread

There’s no need to go inside just yet. Channel the sunlight into a light exercise in the fresh air. A seat cushion or two double perfectly as a yoga mat.

Breakfast on the sunny side

Eaten on a warm balcony, the simplest of morning meals – like tea and overnight oats – becomes something more. Served on a tray, you’ll add both stability and a room-service feel.

Workday morning, holiday mood

Naturally, you don’t need a balcony to enjoy your summer mornings. Slide your bed over to the window (if it’s not already there), open up and do your first tasks of the week on a sunlit sill. It’s enough to get any day off to a sparkling start.

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