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How to make a bedroom out of your balcony

Combine a sense of sleeping outdoors with the cosy comfort of being home. Take your glass-enclosed balcony to its full potential – and make it your bedroom for a night.

An outdoor spot – with every convenience close

Sleeping outside is an easy way to make an ordinary night memorable. Put a bed on your balcony, add a net to keep bugs away – and create an adventure with every comfort of home.

A different kind of sofa bed

A stackable bed is easily shifted during the day. Besides freeing up space, it becomes an ideal corner for lazy lounging in the shade.

Softening the edges of outdoor life

The mix of cool air and soft textiles makes for an unbeatable sense of freshness. Pile fluffy cushions, pillows and bedlinen high, and let yourself sink in.

Bring out the safari sensation

When day turns to night, use the change for effect. Slow the tempo with soft lighting and lazy activities, giving a relaxed but exotic flavour to your temporary bedroom.

A double serving of stars

Draping the net with lighting chains and flowers ensures a starry night and puts the finishing touches on a setting that will put a twinkle in anyone’s eyes.

Give every sense a sense of vacation

Don’t leave a single sense behind. With the soft textiles and evening air already in place, complete your oasis of calm with lighting, scents and music.

Out in the open – with your privacy intact

Black-out blinds – especially combined with a balcony privacy screen – offer a great way to tailor how much, or how little, light you want to let in. The same goes for visibility – the level of seclusion is up to you.

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Made by
Interior designer: Chiara Effroi Lutteri
Photographer: Simon Fritzell
Writer: Henrik Annemark

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