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Sometimes table lamps are just what a room needs to create some atmosphere. Large or small, they’re the perfect accompaniment for softly lit movie nights, quiet studying, or for relaxing and reading in bed.   

How big should a table lamp be?

To get the best lighting experience from a table or desk lamp, aim to have the middle of the shade at eye-level, so you don’t get any glare directly from the bulb. The bulb itself should also be far enough away from the surface of the table to allow an even distribution of light.   

How do you pick a bedside lamp?

The best bedside table lamps should cast a soft glow over your bedroom. Too bright and they could make it harder to fall to sleep. You should also consider how big your bedside table is, as a large lamp will look out of place on a small cabinet. Touch bedside lamps are ideal when you need to simply switch off and sleep.   

ÅRSTID is one of our favourite large table lamps. With its tall, sophisticated and timeless design, it will suit all sorts of bedroom, hallway or living room designs. And you can combine a few for a unified look throughout the home. And for something a little different, our frosted glass table lamps, like GRÖNÖ and TOKABO, will provide a soft, warm glow. 

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