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Orders of complete kitchen over ¥8000, enjoy selected series of products 15% off.


3 reasons to choose IKEA Kitchen

IKEA METOD professional kitchen series, provide 25-year quality guarantee

Nearly a hundred kinds of styles, whether it is traditional Nordic style or modern style, IKEA Kitchen can easily meet your needs.

Hundreds of kitchen accessories can make efficient use of the cabinet and wall space, making the kitchen storage clear at a glance.

Kitchen | Lighting |Bathroom   |


15% off for selected lightings

2020.12.10 - 2021.1.20

Kitchen | Lighting|Bathroom


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Buy selected series of Bathroom furniture over ¥2000, get 15% off.

2020.12.10 - 2021.1.20(* 2021.1.1-1.3 excluded)

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