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Welcome a new school year 

It's already halfway through summer and students will be back at school soon. Are you ready for the new academic year? Welcome new companions with IKEA and enjoy the fun of productive learning. Or decorate your dorm room to begin a new group living experience.

A personalized and comfortable learning space  

Studying at home is just as important as learning in the classroom. Create a quiet study corner so your child can focus better.

Upgraded desks and chairs

Our children’s desks and chairs include a variety of useful features, such as height adjustment and ergonomic designs, so kids can sit comfortably. Add some multi-functional school supplies that are great for immersive learning!

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Added lighting for more efficient learning

On the path of learning and growth, a good work lamp is crucial. Our LED work lamps have adjustable brightness and color temperature to provide the best visual effects in each environment. Whether you’re doing homework, reading, or painting, IKEA’s lamps provide a comfortable and efficient lighting experience.

Study area helper  

Create a neat desk environment to keep your child’s mind free from distractions. Different folders and storage boxes are available to help organize textbooks and materials. Add magnets or bulletin boards to make study plans in advance. You can also prepare a tablet stand and a book holder for your child to use during online classes.

Try a new dorm sleeping experience

Dorm life is always exciting. Creating a better dorm sleeping experience can ensure you start every day full of energy. Choose the right mattress and pillow to sleep comfortably.

Comfortable sleeping, just the way you like it

A good night’s sleep is essential to starting a new day energized. Individualized quilt covers and textiles can help you create the bedroom of your dreams so you can surround yourself with everything you love.

 Sustainable cotton 

The cotton used in IKEA products is all from more sustainable sources, which means less pesticides and chemicals are used in the growing process.

Make dorm life even better

A soft, comfortable bed is key to creating a cozy dorm room. The secret? A comfortable mattress, heaps of pillows, and a warm quilt.

The helper to unclutter your dorm

Compact dorm space requires clever storage solutions to help you sort your clothes, store your school supplies, organize bits and ends, and unclutter your dorm.

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