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Open the door to find your flow. Get ready for the new school

In the blink of an eye, halfway through the summer, students are about to return to campus and start a brand new school year. Are you ready to start the school year? Join IKEA in welcoming new partners and enjoying productive learning, or decorate your dorm to start a new experience about group life.

Our children’s desk chairs offer lots of smart features such as height adjustable seats and more, so that their chair can keep leveling up alongside them as they grow.

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Study area helpers 

Create a neat desk environment to keep your mind free of distractions. Folders and organizers are available to organize textbook materials into categories, and add magnets or bulletin boards to plan ahead for studying. 

Dormitory neat and beautiful helper

Compact dormitory space requires clever storage solutions to help you organize your clothes, store your study tools, store different kinds of miscellaneous items, and arrange your dormitory in a neat and beautiful way.

Start your college story

Starting college is a big step. It’s a time to figure out how to live on your own, and what you’ll need every day. We can help with furniture, accessories and easy ideas so you’re organised and off to a great start!

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