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Sunny Wei

DC/CDC Songjian Manager, Distribution Services Provider

“I see people who care about each other.”

How did you get started in IKEA and what have you done so far?
I started at IKEA 9 years ago as a Supply Quality Team Leader, Distribution Service Asia Pacific. Since then I’ve had a number of different roles: SQ Team Leader, Product Quality Team Leader, Customs Manager – and now I’m working as a DC/CDC Songjiang Manager in Distribution Services Provider China, based in Shanghai. To work in different functions is a great experience. It allows me to contribute to happy customers from different perspectives.

Why did you want to work with IKEA?
IKEA is a great place to work; it’s a company that gives people the fantastic opportunity to realize their dreams. I learn plenty of business and professional knowledge across very diverse areas, I contribute to making ideas come true, I meet inspiring leaders and learn from them – and I make great friends. After 9 years of working at IKEA, I still feel that every day is new.

What are the most inspiring responsibilities or tasks you have in your current role?
We have a very exciting growth and expansion agenda in China; for example, we will soon be interacting with our customers through many more channels than today. My colleagues and me are excited to make this happen – to get closer to our customers and to try to meet and exceed their needs.

What advice would you give someone thinking about this job?
Always keep the customer top-of-mind and be down to earth in the way you operate. Apart from that I believe in two basics: be yourself and follow your heart.

What is your favourite aspect of the IKEA culture and values?
The togetherness! During my years at IKEA, we’ve made many great achievements that’s been realized by us working together, across functions. I really believe that’s the best way to create a better everyday life for the many people.

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