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Stefania Nervi

Global Content Catalogue Specialist, Marketing and Communication

“My manager will help me anytime.”

How did you get started in IKEA and what have you done so far?
I moved to London for a master’s degree. I saw an ad for an internship with IKEA and I thought it would be amazing to work there, even if I was busy studying and it was only for a few months. Then they actually offered me a permanent position, which I wouldn’t have even dreamt of. No, I’m just five years into my career and I’ve had the chance to work as part of a global communications team.

Why did you want to work with IKEA?
I have a passion for and an education in communication. As a child in Italy I remember IKEA was very different than other companies. The external communication style expressed that it was a very inclusive company, and that’s also what I’ve experienced inside the company. IKEA communications were always the most unique ones and I noticed and appreciated them. The catalogue was a collection of dream houses and every time I’d flick through the pages I’d imagine a day living in those rooms, choosing a different one every time. I wanted to work with the IKEA catalogue since forever. My dream job was always to work on the content of catalogue. I didn’t even know my current position existed. It’s my dream job.

What are the most inspiring responsibilities or tasks you have in your current role?
My passion for the catalogue was one of the things that got me this job. I’m most excited to work on the catalogue because I see it as a global communication that lands on so many people’s doorsteps. It really can change lives. I don’t see any other communication that you receive that has the intent to give you a better everyday life. It’s a life changing medium.

What advice would you give someone thinking about this job?
The IKEA catalogue lands on so many people’s doorsteps with so much inspiration for how to live a better life at home. It can kick start thinking about your home in a different way: from fixing those little annoyances that we wouldn’t even know we had, to bigger projects and solutions. In IKEA it’s really about a passion for how to improve people’s lives. How to live better in your home. And the IKEA catalogue is a global medium, so we have to keep in mind the global diversity and how different cultures perceive different messages.

What is your favourite aspect of theIKEA culture and values?
I like that the company and your colleagues help you develop. I also like the chance for international mobility. You can go all over the world and do so many things. There really are endless possibilities in the company. You can go from Logistics to Human Resources to Marketing, crossing all the functions.

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