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Experienced in a particular field or looking for completely new challenges? Either way, here you can find out more about our job categories and browse available positions.

Food and Restaurant

You may not know this but we are actually the 6th biggest food chain in the world, providing healthy snacks and meals with a uniquely Swedish flavour to millions of people every year. As a Food co-worker, you’ll be part of the team that keeps customers and co-workers happy and well-fed. Not a chef? No problem. There are many different roles. As long as you have an appetite for team work and are passionate about food, we’ll help you learn.


As a Sales co-worker, you’ll help customers select the products that will make their homes better. You may even help them with bigger projects like buying a new kitchen or creating a full wall of storage. You’ll learn all about home furnishing including things like the various types of lighting and the difference between a knotted or woven carpet. So, if you’re a people person who likes helping customers make the right choices, this could be for you.

Customer Service

Customer service is all about finding the best way to help customers, be it exchanging products, arranging deliveries, providing spare parts or just pointing the way. As a Customer service co-worker you’ll spend a lot of time getting to know our products, services and customers. So, if you’re a good listener this could be the right work area for you.

Home Furnishing and Retail Design

Like to help out with the visual display and design in the IKEA store? Then this could be the place for you. This is the department where interior designers, visual merchandisers and graphic specialists make the most out of the products, inspiring visitors and helping them to choose. So, if you have a keen eye for design and are a good communicator, check out these jobs.


When you think “IKEA” you probably don’t think IT, but we’re actually pretty big on the tech side. The website receives billions of unique visits every year and we also develop, design and maintain lots of digital assets. So, if tech is your thing and you’d like to be part of the team working to keep visitors happy wherever and whenever they meet us, check this work area out.

Logistics and Customer Fulfilment

Customers that are used to buying flatpacks from the store are now looking for other options. Join this team and help customers get their furnishings home by replenishing shelves, fulfilling orders, and supporting a variety of services. Like to make customers happy by ensuring products are there for them anywhere anyhow? Then this job could be for you.

Administration and Support Services

An IKEA store is more than the shop floor, warehouse and restaurant. There’s also an office that helps keep the whole thing running. As a support co-worker, you’ll play your part in helping co-workers and customers create better lives at home, by making sure the people and systems behind your locations get what they need.

Specialist, all-rounder or just up for a change?

No matter if you’re a people person, a tech-wiz or someone who gets unnaturally excited by an Excel sheet, we’re pretty sure we have a job for you. So, check out all the different types of jobs available and start helping us to help people create a better everyday life at home. You don’t have to be super experienced, just keen to give it a go.

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