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Sustainable Swedish food

"Sustainable living must be simple and easy, and should be the most natural choice."

-MALIN PETTERSSON-BECKEMAN, Sustainability Communications Manager, INTER IKEA GROUP

We want to make it easy for people to have a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. In addition to offering smarter products, we want to start a movement that aims to encourage a better, more sustainable daily life. We will call on and inspire as many people as possible (including our customers, employees, suppliers, and even other companies) to work with us to choose a more sustainable lifestyle.     

Unsustainable consumption and climate change remain the greatest challenges facing humanity. We know that with our corporate size and institutional setup, we can make a significant contribution to creating a more sustainable world.

ASC Certification

This refers to seafood that has been responsibly farmed, establishing good aquaculture management practices that meet the requirements of sustainable development while minimizing environmental and social impacts. Today, all IKEA salmon is sourced from ASC-certified marine areas, ensuring that the fish is caught in the right way, year after year. 

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MSC Certification

Referring to wild seafood caught responsibly in the ocean, IKEA's fish comes from waters that meet the International Marine Council (MSC) environmental standards and are subject to the requirements of good management and sustainable fishing. This allows you to enjoy delicious MSC-certified seafood while supporting sustainable fisheries. 

UTZ Certification

With the rise of ethical consumerism, more and more consumers are demanding not only the best tasting coffee but also the certified quality of the coffee beans, which means that they are UTZ certified.

In Mayan, UTZ means "quality" and UTZ certified coffee is produced with respect for people and the environment. Our consumers are increasingly concerned that the coffee they consume is produced responsibly and with care for people and the natural environment. This means that every cup of coffee we drink is healthy for our bodies. It also means that the next generation of coffee farmers have the right to education rather than labor. 

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