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Bamboo and its many sustainability benefits

Why we love bamboo

Bamboo is renewable, recyclable and durable – it’s a great material for many well-used products. Its strength also means that structural elements and boards can be made thin, so we can use less material per product than with other materials, natural resources are saved, and transport costs can be reduced.

That despite its size, bamboo is not a tree but actually a grass.

"Science shows that bamboo can help control erosion, filter CO₂ out of the air and produce oxygen with its high growth rate."
Aurora Bossi

Bamboo facts

  • Grows in a wide variety of environments and is adaptable and flexible
  • Generally doesn’t require fertilisers or irrigation
  • Grows extremely fast
  • Rarely needs replanting
  • Protects the land where it grows

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world and as a young plant can grow up to one meter per day.

There are 1,200 bamboo species in the world. But don’t worry, pandas don’t live where our bamboo is sourced.

Claims made on this the page come from the paper Yannick Kuehl, Giles Henley and Lou Yiping: “The Climate Change Challenge and Bamboo: Mitigation and Adaption”, INBAR working paper no 65.

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