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Plant-based goodness

Find out how we extract protein from peas to make our meatless meatball

Goals for 2025

  • 50% of main meals offered in our restaurants will be plant-based
  • 80% of main meals offered in the restaurants will be non-red meat
  • 80% of all packaged food offered will be plant-based
  • 80% of all main meals offered in the restaurants will meet our internal criteria for healthier food


IKEA restaurant meals: 50% plant-based by 2025

A meatball without the meat

Like the taste of meat but not the climate footprint? Then this member of our HUVUDROLL family might be something for you.

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The veggie hot dog

Looking for more plant-based meal options? Then our veggie dog is for you. All the flavour of the classic dog, but with no animal ingredients and a smaller climate footprint.

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More food that’s delicious, healthy and sustainable

We believe that making healthier and more sustainable food the easy, affordable, and delicious choice is a vital part of creating a better everyday life for the many people.

How we work with food

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