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Delicious food you can trust

We want to offer food that’s delicious, sustainable, affordable and nutritionally balanced. The ingredients we use are selected carefully – which is also why we work with certifications. They ensure the food in our IKEA Restaurants, IKEA Bistros and IKEA Swedish Food Markets meet standards of environmental and social responsibility. Read more below about what’s cooking!

Make the world better, one coffee break at a time

PÅTÅR is a series of coffee products, all responsibly sourced and made from high quality 100% Arabica beans, so you can enjoy great taste at affordable prices. And it’s not only about the taste. PÅTÅR coffee is organic to EU standards and UTZ certified, a combination that takes care of both coffee growers and the environment. Trace the origin of your coffee by visiting

Did you know?

We serve over 100 million cups of coffee per year at IKEA, with tastes to please everyone from espresso enthusiasts to cappuccino lovers.

PÅTÅR special edition: Coffee that is building a better future

IKEA coffee beans have so far come from family farms and small-scale cooperatives in countries like Honduras, Mexico, and Peru, but the beans of our PÅTÅR single-origin 100% Arabica coffee are hand-picked in the lush, mountainous White Nile region in Uganda.

To help support economic independence of coffee farmers in Uganda, as well as more sustainable farming practices, IKEA has teamed up with a social business project that buys the beans directly from about 13,000 smallholder farmers. Through this partnership, the farmers get a more stable income and they can send their children to school, building a better future for themselves and for the whole region.

Learn more about the special PÅTÅR coffee and our work with Social Entrepreneurs.

BELÖNING – chocolate that makes a difference

BELÖNING is a new series of premium quality dark chocolate and milk chocolate products, made from UTZ certified cocoa.

UTZ certified means the cocoa was responsibly grown, with sustainable farming standards, good conditions for workers and respect for the environment. The product with dark chocolate and coffee nibs is organic because we use the nibs from our own coffee production, which also is organic and UTZ. To trace the origin of the cocoa in BELÖNING, visit

Your chocolate choice matters

Certified cocoa is making tangible differences in the lives of farmers and the environment. That’s why we’re proud that the cocoa in our chocolate tablets, cookies, desserts and other chocolate products is UTZ certified. You can trace the origin of the cocoa in our chocolate tablets on

When cocoa farmers join the UTZ program, they are trained to implement farming methods that decrease the use of harmful chemicals and manage water-use and soil in better, more sustainable ways. This increases yields, while decreasing cocoa plantation deforestation, which has a positive impact on climate change.

This is why your choice matters. By looking for the UTZ logo when you buy chocolate, you are supporting positive changes for people and the planet.

EGENTID – a series of responsibly grown teas

EGENTID is a new series of high quality teas with whole leaves, comprising black tea, green tea, white tea, rooibos, chai and fruit and herbal infusions.

All EGENTID products are sustainable and have either UTZ or a combination of UTZ/UEBT certifications, and some of them are also organically grown according to EU standards. The UTZ/UEBT certification means you can trust that the tea leaves and herbs were farmed in a responsible way, ensuring sustainable farming standards and better conditions for farmers.

Veggie hot dog – plant-based goodness

We’ve challenged ourselves to create a flavour-packed veggie hot dog – a plant-based, more sustainable option to our meat-based hot dog. Why? Because plant-based foods leave a smaller carbon footprint, and we want to make it easier to make better everyday choices. Surprise your taste buds and try a veggie hot dog in the IKEA Bistro!

SMAKRIK – organic drops of Sweden

The SMAKRIK series of organic rapeseed oils is a new addition to our growing organic and locally produced IKEA food range. The Swedish farmers that contribute to SMAKRIK oils follow strict guidelines. No synthetic pesticides or fertilisers are sprayed on the fields – much to the joy of bees and other insects that gladly help with pollination in return. Besides preserving biodiversity, organic farming helps to maintain soil health too.

Veggies even the kids will love

ALLEMANSRÄTTEN vegetable balls are a delicious, colourful and more sustainable alternative to our famous meatballs. Made from chickpeas, green peas, carrots, bell peppers, corn and kale – vegetables high in nutrition, fibres and protein – their carbon footprint is around 15 times less than that of meatballs. Enjoy them in the IKEA Restaurant, or buy them frozen in the IKEA Swedish Food Market and bring them home with you.

Say hello to salmon balls

We’re proud of our Scandinavian food heritage, especially since salmon makes for a tasty meal and a good part of a healthy diet. A couple of servings of fish every week, particularly the fatty kinds like salmon, will add important nutrients to your diet.

Salmon balls are the newest member of our (m)eatball family, up till now consisting of Swedish meatballs, chicken meatballs and plant-based veggie balls. You can enjoy them in our IKEA Restaurants. All IKEA salmon comes from farms that are certified to the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) standards.

An ocean full of flavour

SJÖRAPPORT series offers a wide range of seafood products, alongside glistening seaweed pearls made from algae harvested from the sea bed. All farming, fishing and harvesting of our seafood takes great care not to disturb the sensitive marine ecosystems.

All wild-caught fish and shrimps served and sold at IKEA come from fisheries which are independently certified to Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) standards, supporting sustainable fishing and protecting seafood supplies for generations to come.

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