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The 2017 life at home report

Not just a research, a conversation.


IKEA is guided by the vision of creating a better everyday life – and what better place to start, than at home? But if you’re going to make something better, you need to know what makes it worse. And that means asking people – lots of people – what they struggle most with at home.

Thanks to the involvement of more than 22,000 people from 22 countries, this year’s Life at Home Report presents a refreshingly honest view of what life at home is really like for the many people. It reveals five common battles that take place when the places and spaces we live in, and the things we own, are at odds with the people we live with.

But during the research, IKEA found some people who take living to the next level. People who are challenging convention and traditional priorities. People who are passionate, curious and disruptive. People who are successfully beating the battles at home.

They call them …


The Home Pioneers IKEA met lived in curious places such as RESTORED CASTLES, CONVERTEDMILITARY LANDING CRAFTS and BUILDINGS ON STILTS OVER THE SEA. IKEA wanted to know what they could learn about life at home from people who live very differently to the rest of us and are connected with a common mindset. As a result, they found that home pioneering thinking is something anyone can do, if they:
– accept their homes are always evolving
– embrace change and do what scares them

Get some home pioneer hints and tips in the full report

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