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Statement on IKEA Almond cake

2013-03-07 08:00

IKEA Group is committed to serving high quality food that is safe, healthy and produced with care for the environment.

Traces of coliform bacteria have been found in two isolated production batches of Almond cake with chocolate and butterscotch, produced for the Restaurant, from one supplier in Sweden. There is no health risk associated with consuming this product. The production batches have, as per safety and quality routines, been tested for bacteria that can cause health issues, such as E.coli, and none of these pathogen bacteria have been found.

However, since the product does not comply with our strict food quality standards, IKEA China didn’t import the two production batches. Regarding to the other countries, we have decided to withdraw the concerned production batches from sales.

We are in continued dialogue with the supplier to get the full picture.

IKEA (China) Investment Co. Ltd

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