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Make the light more you

Changing light, it starts with a feeling. This feeling then blends into the way you live your life at home. Energized? Go brighter. Relaxed? Lights dimmed low. Or, the other way around. See, you decide. Now let’s grab that remote and dial up more of you.

And sometimes less light means more

It's about setting a mood - and changing it

Oh, there’s always a light for play

Easy and wireless,
so there's no need for hiring an electrician.

App like the morning sun

Imagine waking up to a warm sunrise. Your lights will slowly get brighter, starting 30 min before you need to rise and shine. Work your magic with the TRÅDFRI app and gateway.

  • Create beautiful light,
    wherever you are

Smart Lighting

Creating your own atmosphere has never been easier

And more affordable. IKEA Smart lighting consists of ready-to-use wireless kits - bulbs, doors, panels and even an app. You can dim any lamp, turn off, turn on, and switch from bright to soft light only using the remote.

Smart lighting kits

Smart lighting devices

Wireless LED bulbs

Wireless LED panels

Wireless LED doors

The meaning of light

Let there be light!

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