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Affordable products are at the heart of everything we do. That doesn’t mean that we compromise on quality or safety. IKEA products must be safe, from both a health and environmental perspective.

We strive to follow the safety and quality laws and standards on the markets where we operate, and at times we even go beyond these and set our own, stricter requirements. Whenever we develop a new product, we take great care to make sure that we can keep the promise we give to our customers – that IKEA products are safe to use.

Creating safe products

At IKEA, product safety risk assessment is a crucial part of the product development process. Our designers, product developers and technicians evaluate safety, quality, and environmental impact at every stage of a new product’s development.

When testing our products, we consider both intended and unintended use, to identify and minimize potential safety risks.

Each product goes through a long process of testing and is not launched until we are sure that it is safe. And even after our products are launched, we continue to evaluate and test them on a regular basis, and if needed we make improvements.

Child safety

The safety of our customers is always our number one priority, not least when it comes to the most important people in the world – children! They don’t always think about safety when they play, so we do it for them. In our view, the best starting point for designing safe products is to find out as much as possible about how they will be used in the real world.

“We know that babies explore the world around them by chewing and tasting everything. To simulate that, all IKEA soft toys are exposed to saliva enzymes to make sure that no harmful chemicals are extracted when they are chewed on.”

Only using the chemicals we need

Chemicals play an important part in the production of IKEA products. They give texture to materials and provide beautiful colors through dying or printing. Glues make our products strong. Paint and other coatings protect them from scratches, corrosion, and liquids. In other words: chemicals are unavoidable. However, we are very strict when it comes to selecting which chemicals we use.

Our goal is simple: to do everything we can to make sure that our products are free from any chemicals that can be harmful to people or the environment. We take pride in proactively phasing out harmful chemicals – often before any legislation forces us to do so. And by defining chemicals in groups, we can phase out entire groups of harmful chemicals instead of just replacing one harmful chemical with another.

Did you know? By not adding harmful chemicals in products and materials we give them a longer life as they become safe to recycle and re-use.
  • One less thing to worry about

    Bisphenol A (BPA) is a widely used chemical that has been shown to have negative health effects. In 2006, IKEA decided to phase out BPA from all of our plastic children’s toys. And in 2012 we went further and phased out BPA from all our food contact products, such as food packaging, kitchen utensils and bottles.

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