We’re big fans of wood

We love wood because it’s durable, renewable and recyclable. As one of the largest users of wood in the retail sector, we always look for ways to use it wisely. Watch our films to learn about the work we do to protect and conserve this precious resource.

Clear standards for responsible forestry

Our IWAY Forestry Standard sets clear requirements for all wood used in IKEA products. This includes a ban on wood that has been illegally harvested from sources involved in forest-related social conflicts, or from High Conservation Value Forests. All suppliers must comply with the standard before they can start deliveries. We improve our relationships with suppliers with certification audits to check compliance.

Download our IWAY Forestry Standard to learn more (PDF)

Certifying forests together with WWF

We work with WWF and others to combat illegal logging and promote responsible timber trade. IKEA and WWF have worked together since 2002 to support credible forest certification. The work includes mapping and protecting High Conservation Value Forests to secure biological and social forest values. So far, we have helped to improve forest management in Europe and Asia, and contributed to increasing FSC® certified forest areas by around 35 million hectares (about the size of Italy) in the countries where we work together.

Visit the WWF site to learn more about our partnership

Making things right when things go wrong

Several years ago we discovered tropical hardwood fibres in some of our paper products. This is not in line with our standards. After a full investigation, we improved our internal procedures to make sure this couldn’t happen again

Preventing the use of illegally logged walnut

Our forestry experts detected illegal logging of walnut in China about five years ago. So, we stopped using this wood in our products. As a result, the MOLGER bathroom series is now made of birch from certified forests.

Learn more about how we work with forestry

In addition to suppliers meeting our IWAY Forestry Standard, the volume of wood from more sustainable sources – recycled wood and wood from forests certified by the FSC® – increased to 50% in 2015. We are aiming for 100% by 2020.

Visit the FSC® website to learn more about this effort

Reports & Downloads

Read more about our plan to source 100% certified segregated sustainable palm oil by 2015 -Download How we work with palm oil (PDF)

Download The IWAY Forestry and Forest Stewardship Council® Standards (PDF)

Download the Subtainabiity Strategy, People & Planet Positive ( PDF)