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Tapping into more ways to use less water

Every time you brush your teeth, wash your hands, shave or take a bath, you can help with something essential – saving water. An aerator in every one of our bathroom and kitchen taps reduces water flow while maintaining pressure.

Did you know? Our kitchen taps reduce water consumption by up to 40%, the bathroom taps reduce consumption up to 50%, and we have improved the water efficiency of many of our dishwashers and washing machines.

Our three new showers - VALLAMOSSE, VOXNAN and BROGRUND - all save up to 30% water and energy. This is achieved by having a flow regulator, which reduces the water flow.

Everyone deserves a refreshing shower experience every day. And what can be more revitalising than knowing you can save water (and money on your water and energy bills) at the same time?

Did you know? IKEA is just as committed to using water efficiently. We also work together with others to support sustainable water management in water-scarce regions and to increase people’s access to clean water.

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