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One patio, two different rooms

Do you want an outdoor space where you can barbecue and eat, or chill out and unwind? Or why not both – our flexible ÄPPLARÖ outdoor furniture series lets you have it all while keeping things coordinated.

Create a living room feeling outdoors with the help of spacious seating, comfortable cushions, a warming throw, and a table for snacks and drinks.

Placing your barbecue in the middle of your patio makes it become a natural room divider (and an outdoor kitchen island!) where you can socialise with everyone.

Make room for more guests with a size-adjustable table and some foldable stools. The ÄPPLARÖ range offers both, and the sustainably sourced acacia is very durable.

Put your outdoor cushions in a dirt- and dust repellent storage bag when you’re not using them – it will make them look fresh for a longer time.

Take out your indoor plants and let them thrive in the sun – just remember to use plant pots that can stand both indoors and outdoors.

Keep your home-cooked marinades and sauces in GRILLTIDER squeeze bottles; they are perfect by the grill and the outdoor dining table.

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