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Enjoy a living room with lots of space to entertain

Here is a living room with plenty of space for both social gatherings and relaxation. STOCKSUND offers plenty of comfortable seatings, and BESTÅ with its closed and open storage gives both style and function to the room.

No need to worry about any visible cables when mounting your TV on the wall over BESTÅ TV bench – it has several cable outlets at the back, and it can stand really close to the wall.

Highlight your decorative items inside your glass door cabinets with the help of some good lighting that, at the same time, create a cosy atmosphere in your living room.

Make decorative use of the ceiling height in your living room by placing a group of glass vases on top of your TV storage combination – TIDVATTEN is tall and a real eye-catcher!

It's easy to feel relaxed in STOCKSUND armchair – it has a soft comfort and support that lives on for years. And no need to worry if you spill something, the cover is machine washable.

Place a comfortable bench, a reading lamp, and a soft throw by the window to create a relaxing and private corner in your living room. STOCKSUND has storage inside and can fit extra throws and cushions.

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