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An elegant and relaxing living room for two

Comfort and style go hand in hand in this colour coordinated living room where EKOLSUND recliner is the centre of attention. It can be adjusted into three positions: sit upright, lean back or lie back for a nap. How do you want to relax today?

Enjoy your evening tea and do a relaxing crossword in EKOLSUND. This recliner is easily adjusted into three positions – choose whether you want to sit upright, lean back or lie back for a quick nap.

When two becomes one – STOENSE rug has a thick pile that conceals the edges, so it's easy to create the impression of one larger rug in your living room. And who doesn't want more soft and cosy surfaces to walk on?

Let your TV blend in seamlessly together with your picture wall by mounting the TV and frames in a sophisticated and visually pleasing way.

Create an elegant atmosphere with the help of sheer curtains. They soften the light in your living room, and they block annoying glares on your TV screen.

Be creative with your open storage with the help of EKET. Different sizes, colours and depths allow you to personalise your wall storage into sophisticated perfection where you can display your decorative items and more.

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