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Flexibility and some self-sufficiency

A flexible and organised kitchen allows you to be a little more self-sufficient. Here’s how smart hacks and clever storage ideas turn into an inspiring space where you can cook, recycle and produce. Ah, it must feel so good to be you!

Storage along the wall frees up floor space while it gives an excellent overview of your things – and it can look like a cool art installation too!

Waste-sorting made easy: HÅLLBAR bins in different sizes (with or without lids) let you customise and organise your recycling station into perfection!

A hard-to-reach corner in the kitchen can become a perfect storage place – mount PLATSA shelving units there!

A trolley is perfect for your herbs and vegetables: have them by the window when you want them to grow and move them to the kitchen countertop when it’s time to cook!

ODGER is available as both a height-adjustable swivel chair and a regular chair, so you’ll have optimised comfort whether you’re working or eating by the dining table.

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