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Affordable updates

A swap of drawer fronts, extra kitchen storage on castors and a new wall colour that suits your style – here’s a practical, personal space that’s full of rich flavour!

LERHYTTAN drawer front has a distinct traditional character, with a solid wood frame with bevelled edges. Match it with a black handle for a bold, stylish look!

A clear overview, easy-reach storage and personal expression – open cabinets are beneficial in more ways than one!

Sustainability in stylish disguise – all our taps have a mechanism that helps save water and energy while keeping the water stream just right.

Bamboo is an easy-care, renewable material that’s gentle on your knives, too – perfect for cooking!

Maybe the kitchen is the only place where your desk will fit? Choose the same material (solid wood is a durable choice!) as the other furniture to make it blend in nicely.

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