A natural vibe and magnificent cooking

Create a natural vibe in the kitchen and bring first-class meals to the table. A kitchen that reflects your style – and offers all the storage space and smart functions you need – makes it relaxing and easy to cook.

A drawer front that has melamine surface offers an equal blend of function and feeling: it’s easy to clean and withstands moisture and scratches, while the colour or pattern you choose adds a stylish touch.

No rude awakenings when preparing the morning coffee! Hinges with integrated dampers make sure that your kitchen doors close slowly, softly and silently.

A kitchen island with a sink and mixer tap makes sure that you always have running water within reach when cooking – a 180-degree twist is all it takes!

An occupied kitchen sink and veggies that need to be washed? Use a washing-up bowl, a colander and a free worktop instead!

The SÄRKLASSIG induction cooktop is very fast, precise and extremely energy efficient, so make sure to prep your dinner before heating the frying pan.