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Earthy shades and a sustainability-focused dining space

A dining room that reflects your personal style, combined with storage that's close at hand, will probably make you want to sit and socialise here for hours.

Combine comfort and sustainability when choosing chairs for your dining area. ODGER chair is made of renewable wood and recycled plastic and is comfortable to sit on thanks to the bowl-shaped seat and rounded back.

MÖRBYLÅNGA table is stylish and has a crafted look, but it's a good environmental choice too since it combines solid wood with resource-efficient particleboard.

Dress your table in a 100% sustainably sourced cotton place mat that protects the table, reduces noise, and last but not least, creates a homey feel.

Create stylish storage by the dining table with STOCKVIKEN accent slatted fronts – they add an expressive look, and they're made of foil from recycled PET bottles!

A candlelit dinner that's enhanced by a golden glow is hard to beat – a brass-coloured wall panel with candles in front of it does wonders to the atmosphere while keeping the wall safe from candle wax stains.

Filter the outside light and have a comfortable feeling, and some privacy, in the dining room – SKOGSKLÖVER roller blind is discrete and has a soft closing function that makes it roll up slowly.

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