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Do you dream of a luxurious dining room? You can have one, even if your home is small. Colour and material coordination, stylish details and flexible furniture, like an extendable table, will make your dream a reality.

NORRÅKER is a versatile bench that can be used throughout your home. For example, it provides more seating at an extended dining table.

Where do you want to drink your tea tonight? Or, it doesn’t matter – NISSAFORS trolley carries everything you need to where you want it to be.

Dust-free storage that’s visible from every angle – MILSBO glass cabinet lets you show off your finest belongings.

Our EKET cabinets are easily customised to fit your storage needs. And, wall-mounted storage frees up floor space!

BROR shelving unit sturdy and durable, so it’s perfect for heavy items like books and larger storage boxes.

FLOTTEBO sofa-bed is ready for overnight guests in an instant thanks to its large storage space under the seat with plenty of room for duvets and pillows.

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