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Welcome to the children's room jungle

Here's a room that encourages your child to be active, playful and curious, and there's always room for sleepovers. And it's easy to change the room's look as the child grows, thanks to the clean furniture design.

Time for a cosy bedtime story or an exciting sleepover? Whatever the occasion, there's always room for one more thanks to SLÄKT and the extra bed that comes with it.

BUSA tunnel encourages your child to play and be active. But it helps to develop your child's growing brain too because crawling improves motor skills and how to sort sensory impressions.

Turn an otherwise unused nook into a cosy indoor tree house where your child can unwind and relax between intense play sessions. A folded PLUFSIG is comfy to sit on, and LÖVA canopy creates a snug feeling.

From paintings and drawings to school work and exam studies – PÅHL desk will be at your child's service for many years. It has three different heights it can be adjusted into, and cable holders keep cables and extension cords organised.

FLISAT doll's house/wall shelf can be used in new ways when your child has outgrown the dolls. Mount it next to the bed and place your child's favourite books there for close at hand storage when it's time for a bedtime story.

TROLLBO is circus-inspired and spurs your child's imagination while it gives a good general light in the room. And the lamp is more than playful – it's a more sustainable choice as the plastic is made of recycled PET-bottles.

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