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Travel the world in a children's room

Sail away to undiscovered lands, open a café shop or swim with sharks. Children are experts when it comes to exploring the world – all they need is their imagination and a room that encourages them to dream.

You can do more than imaginary baking with SPISIG play kitchen: the backside of it can be used as a puppet theatre, just place some comfortable seats in front of it for the enthusiastic audience.

Let your little baker serve the guests some fresh baked goods straight from the oven – DUKTIG buns are super cute and look delicious!

STUVA/FRITIDS has generous storage space inside the drawers, so there's room for both clothes and lots of toys while the top surface has the perfect height for fun and games.

Adventurous role plays help your child develop its imagination. FLYTTBAR trunk offers playful storage for all costumes, and the practical handle makes it easy to pull out from under the bed.

An extendable bed can grow with your child for a long time, and SUNDVIK has a timeless design that will blend in seamlessly with your child's preferred (and changing!) styles throughout the years.

Give your child a darkened and cosy sleeping environment with the help of block-out roller blinds. TRETUR with its light blue colour matches the blue waves and boats on UPPTÅG curtains beautifully.

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