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A children's room for two where their creativity can bloom

Here's how to make the most of a small shared children's room. A shared desk gives the siblings a space for common hobbies, while a bunk bed and two bedside tables provide well needed me time every now and then.

Create a cosy sleeping environment with the help of some colourful mood lighting – PELARBOJ can glow in seven different colours, and you can choose if you want one colour only, or if you want it to switch between them all.

A chest of drawers for each sibling in a shared room let them organise their storage just the way they like, and GODISHUS is in perfect height for children. It comes with colourful stickers for the knobs, but and you can skip them if you prefer a beautifully simple look.

A multitasking mirror with a phone holder, a bowl, and hooks is probably every child's dream as they can listen to music, watch tutorials, and have accessories close at hand when trying out new styles.

An art and crafts storage in an on-the-go solution, like LUSTIGT, is perfect for creative children who have many hobbies and use their desks for lots of different projects.

Storage under the bed means close-at-hand storage! Keep it dust-free and organised with RABBLA boxes with lids – they have smart handles on the sides, so they're easy to pull out.

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