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Children play

New friends in the children's room

Play with small animals during the day, fall asleep with them at night, and visit dream worlds one by one. All plush toys are comfortable to hold, plus these toys are safe and secure, pull-tested and safety-tested to ensure there are no hard parts that could be swallowed by children.

Explore the wonderful world in depth

Surf-loving dolphins, curious sea turtles and playful octopuses. The vast expanse of the deep sea is an enchanted world that inspired us to create the BLÅVINGAD series. During the design of the project, we also realized that many children showed concern for the ocean and its creatures.

Other toy series

Role play

Arts & crafts

Build my world

IKEA's baby toys are designed to help babies exercise their eyesight, motor skills and more, also provide them with lots of fun.

Make children more comfortable to play

Children's table and chairs

Toy House--TROFAST Toy Storage Series

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