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Step-by-step: find your perfect clothes storage system

At IKEA, wardrobes come in a huge range of styles, sizes and configurations. So how do you settle on the ideal clothes storage system for you? Well, here are three steps to help you narrow your options.

1. Measure your space | 2. Estimate capacity | 3. Explore types of wardrobes | Solitaire wardrobes | Wardrobes with doors | Open wardrobes

1. Measure the available space

Before anything else, you should look at where you want to place your wardrobe or clothes storage system and figure out exactly how much space you have.

  • Remember to measure all dimensions – height, width and depth – so that you know which wardrobes will fit.
  • Take into account any structural features – such as a recess or a slanting ceiling – as well as wall obstructions such as radiators and pipes.
  • If you want a wardrobe with hinged doors, make sure that there’s enough space for them to open out fully.
  • You can use painter’s tape to make an outline on the wall, which will help you to visualise the placement and size of the wardrobe that you want.

2. Estimate capacity with these numbers

The interior organisation and capacity of your wardrobe is very much an individual decision. Only you know what type of clothes you have a lot of and how you’d like to store them. If you’re mainly a t-shirts-and-jeans person, your needs may be quite different to someone who wears a lot of long flowing robes or dresses. To maximise space in your new wardrobe, you might want to first get rid of old clothes that you no longer wear.

The illustration above gives a rough idea of how much space you need for different types of clothes:

  1. Storage boxes – 19 cm
  2. Coats – 100 cm
  3. Shirts and blouses – 80 cm
  4. Short dresses – 120 cm
  5. Very long clothes – 190 cm
  6. Shoe rack – 33 cm (allow more space for boots; never place above clothes)
  7. Ten folded t-shirts – 25 cm
  8. Ten folded sweaters – 30 cm
  9. Hanging trousers – 60–70 cm

Wardrobe systems with doors

A wardrobe with doors adds sleek calm to a room while keeping dust away. For a look that blends in, choose colours, finishes and details that complement the rest of your décor. Sliding doors use space efficiently; hinged ones need space to open but offer all-at-once access.

PAX wardrobes with doors

Truly customisable, inside and out. Lots of doors and frames to choose from, as well as plenty of interior organisers like pull-out trays and glass-front drawers. Works well for the bedroom or hallway. Can tackle awkward corners, and features built-in plinths. Main dimensions: 50, 75 or 100 cm wide; 201 or 236 cm tall; 35 or 58 cm deep. Door type will affect total size.


PLATSA system with doors

Functional, flexible and easy to assemble/disassemble. Has doors and drawer fronts in many colours and expressions, always with white frames. Works with sloped or high ceilings. Has leg options, plus matching bed frames and TV benches. Main dimensions: 60 or 80 cm wide; 40, 60, 120 or 180 cm tall; 40 or 55 cm deep. Door type will affect total size.


Open wardrobe systems

When you have a wardrobe without doors, you’re never likely to forget what outfits are ready to wear. An open system lets you organise and maximise a reach-in or walk-in space. Plus, if you want, you can make a display feature of your clothes and accessories.

BOAXEL system

Versatile, durable and affordable wall-mounted storage that can adapt to sloped or high ceilings. Suitable for indoor wet rooms (bathroom, laundry room) and has wire shelves and drying racks. Main dimensions: 60 or 80 cm wide; 100 or 200 cm tall; 40 cm deep. Mounting rails are 62, 82 or 182 cm wide.

JONAXEL system

Affordable, flexible, sturdy floor-standing storage that’s easy to add to bedrooms, reach-in closets or hallways. Suitable for indoor wet rooms. Some frames/units can be stacked or have castors added. Main dimensions: 25 or 50 cm wide; 70 cm tall (one frame is 104 cm); 51 cm deep.

JOSTEIN system

Outdoors, indoors - this compact storage is ideal for any small space at home. Designed with laundry, drying and gardening in mind, the affordable system has shelves, containers and cabinet-style doors that are flexible for many uses. Main dimensions: 40, 60 or 80 cm wide; 90 or 180 cm tall; 40 cm deep.

ELVARLI system

Lightweight, yet durable storage that lets you create a stylish room divider or walk-in closet using ceiling posts or side units. Tailor it with sleek interior options like solid drawers and shelves (there’s bamboo, too). Main dimensions: 40 or 80 cm wide; 222-350 cm tall (post); 216 cm tall (side unit); 36 or 51 cm deep.

PLATSA system without doors

Super flexible meets easy to assemble (and disassemble). Solid drawers and doors in different finishes let you mix hidden and open storage. Sloped or high ceilings aren’t an issue. Can be wall mounted or have legs. Main dimensions: 60 or 80 cm wide; 40, 60, 120 or 180 cm tall; 40 or 55 cm deep.

PAX wardrobes without doors

Features frames in different finishes, built-in plinths and corner solutions. Has numerous clever interior organisers - pull-out trays, trouser hangers, glass shelves, glass-front drawers - so you can create an organised dream wardrobe. Main dimensions: 50, 75 or 100 cm wide; 201 or 236 cm tall; 35 or 58 cm deep.

For a sliding door wardrobe in any space

Fancy your own reach-in or walk-in? The floor-to-ceiling SKYTTA sliding door system uses rails and a choice of doors. Pair it with any IKEA storage system for more room in the same space, even under sloped spots.

See the SKYTTA sliding door system

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