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Back to beautiful basics

Step inside this lovely bedroom where natural materials, hues of dusty pink, and black contrasts embrace your senses to the fullest.

Illuminate your clothes by installing NORRFLY LED lighting strip inside your wardrobe and pair it up with lamps on top to illuminate you, and your room, with a cosy light when getting dressed in the morning.

When the drawers are big and the accessories small, you might want to use organising boxes – KOMPLEMENT in soft felt protects your accessories and keeps them neatly in place.

Keep your seasonal clothes free from dust by using a storage case, and with LACKISAR your stored clothes and textiles stay fresh longer too, as smart ventilation nets allow air to circulate.

DELAKTIG rattan headboard adds style and warmth to your bedroom, and at least 50% of the aluminium content of the bed frame is made from recycled aluminium so you can feel extra good about sleeping in it.

A desk that can alternate between being a work spot and a makeup station saves time and space – and with the right materials, colours and details, it can add style and beauty in the bedroom too!

A chest of drawers that has a clean look allows you to express yourself to the fullest by styling it with your favourite glowy lighting, plants and paintings, and more.

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