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A bathroom where nothing is out of reach

Children never seem to stop growing, or wanting to learn new things! Make the bathroom activities easier, funnier, and, of course, more reachable by height-adjusting the bathroom equipment.

LILLÅNGEN includes all of the things that come in handy close to a wash basin: a towel hanger, a soap dish, and a tray for small storage!

A bathroom with a shower doesn't have to stop the little ones from having a cosy bubble bath. And by using LILLREVET water-saving handshower, your baths will save on the planet's resources. Park the handshower on a bracket with a suction cup, so it's close at hand.

Some things, like a wash basin, are hard to height-adjust so the little ones can reach it. But until they do, you can provide them with VILTO step stool.

Hooks and rails with suction cups are smart in more than one way – you can customise the height and position whenever you like and as your children grow, and no drilling is needed!

No need to worry about any family member accidentally knocking down LANGESUND – these mirrors are provided with safety film that reduces damage if the glass breaks.

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