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How to sleep better

A man wearing grey pyjamas and a matching eye-mask is sleeping with his mouth open in a bed with NATTJASMIN bed linen.

Why is sleep so important, and why is it just impossible to sleep well some nights? Learn everything you need to know about sleep and how to wake up well rested.

A couple sprawl across a double bed with black and white SKUGGBRÄCKA bed linen and a VÅRELD bedspread, deep in sleep.

What happens when I sleep?

While you sleep and “do nothing” your body is rebooting many of its systems and carrying out all sorts of maintenance. It’s like your body is pampering itself and you don’t have to do anything but sleep.

In a calm-looking bedroom, a bearded man sits cross-legged on a bed in a meditation pose, looking out the window.

Can I learn how to sleep like a log?

The short answer is yes, you can! Sleep is no longer the mystery that it used to be and you have almost unlimited possibilities to create a sleeping environment that fits you.