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A versatile rug with classic stripes that goes just about anywhere - indoors or outdoors. If you want a new look after a while, just flip it over and use the compatible pattern on the reverse side.


  • The long-lasting, easy-care material is ideal for areas with a lot of movement like the kitchen or hallway.

    The rug is perfect for outdoor use because it’s water resistant and made for easy care.

    Ideal in your living room or under your dining table since the flat-woven surface makes it easy to pull out the chairs and vacuum.

    You can use both sides of the rug, so by turning it over now and then it will withstand more wear and lasts even longer.

    You can easily change the look of your room by turning the rug over, as it has a different pattern on each side.

    Please refer to packaging label for country of origin

    Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

    This rug fits with a 2-3 seat sofa, but can also fit other size sofas depending on how you place it.

    This rug fits under a 4-seat dining table, but can of course be used how and where you like in your home.

    You will need 1 STOPP FILT rug underlay with anti-slip (165x235 cm) for this rug. Trim if necessary.

    When the rug is placed indoors, use STOPP FILT rug underlay with anti-slip for increased safety and comfort; to be placed under the entire rug.

    This product has been tested for domestic use.

    IKEA of Sweden
  • Product dimensions
    230 cm
    160 cm
    3.68 m²
    Surface density
    900 g/m²
    2 mm
    Packaging info
    package quantity
    10 cm
    164 cm
    Net weight
    3.23 kg
    12.9 l
    3.40 kg
  • Care instructions
    Cleaning: Use a mild detergent, brush with a soft brush and rinse thoroughly with water. Let the rug dry completely before use,Wash by hand, max 40°C.,Do not bleach.,Do not tumble dry.,Do not iron.,Do not dryclean.,Vacuum, shake and rotate the rug regularly.,Dry spots; remove immediately by scraping carefully towards the middle of the spot.,Wet spots; do not rub. Absorb with paper towels, damp with cloth and mild detergent.,To make the rug last longer, store it inside when not in use.
    Environment and materials
    100% polypropylene
  • Item #
    Assembly instructions
    Item #
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rug flatwoven, in/outdoor, beige/dark grey, 160x230 cm


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