TISKEN series puts things within easy reach without having to drill any holes into your walls. The tight-grip suction cups won’t let go of smooth surfaces like glass or tiles – unless you want them to.
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Better grip for flexible storage
The moveable suction cup is a smart wall mount for flexible bathroom storage. The only problem is that it can come off after a while. Suddenly you hear a thump in the bathroom, and the shampoo bottle is on the floor. So, how do you make the suction cup attach better? Product developer Kristofer Adsegård and his colleagues – responsible for TISKEN bathroom series – wanted to find out.
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It’s easy to keep the soap dish clean as the dish itself is removable.
One push assembly - clean the wall surface and push to attach. No tools are needed.
To release and remove, insert a credit card (or similar) between the suction cup and the wall. No ugly holes or marks are left behind.
The suction cups have a tight grip on smooth surfaces like glass or tiles.
Perfect for soap, but also jewellery or other small items that easily disappear.
Please refer to packaging label for country of origin
Only sticks on flat surfaces such as glass, mirrors and tiles.
Clean the surface before mounting the suction cup to ensure better grip.
Holds up to 3 kg.
Combines with other products in TISKEN series.
Do not attach to bathroom wallpaper or any other type of wallpaper since the product can damage the material.
IKEA of Sweden
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