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Complete glassware designed to improve your drink’s taste, like how the bowl’s shape allows aromas and flavours to develop. Crystalline with a shining lustre and a nice reverberation when toasting.


  • This glass looks like it’s made with traditional crystal, but it’s made with crystalline ― a strong alternative with a clear brilliance and a fine tone when you clink your glasses.

    In the STORSINT series there is glassware for all types of drinks, so you can easily match glasses when setting the table.

    Manufactured in a way similar to handmade glasses, which means that the stem of the glass is smooth and has no seam.

    Please refer to packaging label for country of origin

    Glasses designed for light, simple, fruity and crisp white wines and rosé wines.

    Wash this product before using it for the first time.

    Aaron Probyn
  • Product dimensions
    20 cm
    32 cl
    Package quantity
    6 pack
    Packaging info
    package quantity
    17 cm
    25 cm
    Net weight
    0.99 kg
    8.6 l
    1.14 kg
    21 cm
  • Care instructions
    Environment and materials
  • "When I designed STORSINT, I wanted to make glassware that enhances the enjoyment of drinks. I made the stems thin and smooth so that they´re comfortable to hold, and the bowl generous so that aromas and and flavours develop in the best way. I was partially inspired by the fantastic glassware at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. With STORSINT, I wanted to create glassware which suits all occasions, which is beautifully designed – and can be used year after year."
    Did you know that the shape and size of the bowl of a wine glass affects how wine is enjoyed? A younger wine should be served in a smaller bowl with a narrower opening so as not to be affected too much by the oxygen in the air. So when we developed the STORSINT glass series in lead-free crystal, we were helped by experienced sommeliers to better understand what happens to the wine in different bowls. It makes it easy for you to always match your wine with the optimal glass.
    Join us in raising a glass to STORSINT—a collection made of crystalline. Traditional crystal is made with lead, a metal we're committed to leave out of all our products for health and sustainability reasons. Crystalline is a lead-free alternative that offers strength, brilliance, and a sweet, resonating tone whenever clinked.


white wine glass, clear glass, 32 cl

¥99.99/6 pack

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