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Create a better organisation of your things by adding SKÅDIS accessories to your SKÅDIS pegboard. A great solution to fit your needs and to keep your favourite things close at hand.


  • You can quickly and easily find what you need since the boxes are made of transparent plastic.

    Good for storing and organising spices, screws or craft supplies.

    Easy to attach and move ‒ no tools needed.

    Choose the accessories in the SKÅDIS series which suit your needs and create a personal storage combination.

    With SKÅDIS pegboard and accessories it's easy to organise and quickly find what you need. Perfect for all the rooms in the home.

    Please refer to packaging label for country of origin

    Tested and approved for food contact.

    Can also be used in bathrooms.

    Eva Lilja Löwenhielm
  • Product dimensions
    7 cm
    8.5 cm
    8 cm
    Package quantity
    3 pack
    Packaging info
    package quantity
    9 cm
    25 cm
    Net weight
    0.45 kg
    2.2 l
    0.50 kg
    11 cm
  • Care instructions
    The container can be handwashed. The holder can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, then dried with a clean cloth.
    Environment and materials
    Steel, Epoxy/polyester powder coating
    PET plastic
  • You can combine SKÅDIS storage series any way you like. And if you change your mind, it’s easy to change the accessories and create a new solution. Choose if you want to attach it to a desktop, to a shelf or hang it on the wall.
    Regardless of where you need storage in the home, and no matter what you plan to store, SKÅDIS storage series can help. Use SKÅDIS in the bathroom for toothbrushes and jewellery. In the kitchen to have utensils and spices close at hand. Or in the garage so you keep all tools and screws in order. Only your imagination sets the limits of what SKÅDIS can be used for.
    We have made some suggestions for how SKÅDIS can look. Choose your favourite or get inspired and create your own solution.
    You can create your own SKÅDIS combination. First select the size of the pegboard and then complete with the accessories you need. Don’t worry if you change your mind – the accessories are just as easy to remove and replace as they are to attach. When your storage needs change, you can easily add, move or remove accessories so that SKÅDIS always meets your needs.
    PET plastic is perhaps best known for its use in beverage bottles, yet suits a lot of food and beverage packaging since it’s approved for food contact. Like other plastics, PET is largely made from oil-based raw materials, but today there are even better opportunities to use both renewable raw materials, like corn and sugar cane, and to recycle the plastic several times. At IKEA, recycled PET becomes many things – from storage boxes to soft filling in pillows and quilts.


container with lid, white

¥60.00/3 pack

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