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Do you long for dinners at grandma’s or just love old-fashioned beautiful glass? Then this glassware is made for you. Timeless, elegant, nice to look at and perfect to use for a traditional table setting.


  • Just as suitable for festive occasions like birthdays and weddings as for buffets and everyday use at home with family.

    Please refer to packaging label for country of origin

    Hanna-Kaarina Heikkilä
  • Product dimensions
    9 cm
    27 cl
    Package quantity
    4 pack
    Packaging info
    package quantity
    10 cm
    19 cm
    Net weight
    0.88 kg
    3.7 l
    0.98 kg
    19 cm
  • Care instructions
    Dishwasher-safe up to 70°C.,Only for food and beverages with a max. temperature of 50°C.
    Environment and materials
  • I’m an enthusiastic glass collector and love flea markets. But even more so, I love to draw inspiration from old things and add a modern twist to them ⎼ so designing SÄLLSKAPLIG glassware was something of a dream project. The shapes and expressions in the series are reminiscent of old times and are perfect for a traditional table setting, but can also be used in new and creative ways. Not least, it is perfect for adding a little luxury to life, maybe on an ordinary Monday!
    When we created SÄLLSKAPLIG we wanted to make glass that can add a silver lining to the everyday. The inspiration comes from the kind of glass you can find in flea markets. It’s the best of the good old times with a modern twist – a mix of organic shapes and geometric patterns that easily can be combined with the tableware you already have at home.
    Glass is mainly made of sand, soda and lime melted at a high temperature. Tempering or various additives gives you extra-strong and impact-resistant glass that in some cases can be taken straight from freezer to oven without cracking. A big benefit is how glass can be recycled over and over without the quality deteriorating. Also, a lot less energy is needed to melt recycled glass compared to new raw materials. Our goal is to eventually use only recycled glass in our range.


glass, clear glass/patterned, 27 cl

¥49.99/4 pack

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