Good sleep starts with a hug. The heavy blanket applies a deep pressure that mimics the feeling of being hugged that may relax your body. A sustainable choice in recycled polyester and renewable cotton.
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A good choice if you like being tucked under a heavy duvet. The deep pressure may offer a calming, cocooning sensation that relaxes your body, and can help to improve the quality of your sleep.

Thinking of sharing? Weighted blankets are personal and we suggest that you instead use 2 separate ones, chosen according to weight. The recommended body weight for this weighted blanket is 40-60 kg.

A light warm weighted blanket that can be used throughout the year. If you feel too cold at night, you can easily complete with a cosy throw.

The box-stitch pattern allows air to pass through and keeps the filling evenly spread.

Fits our standard single size duvet cover perfectly.

Please refer to packaging label for country of origin

This product is flammability tested and complies with standard EN ISO 12952-1.

Choose a weighted blanket that equals 10-15% of your body weight for optimum effect. For further guidance, read the advice and instructions document.

The recommended body weight for this weighted blanket is 40-60 kg (88.2-132.3 lbs).

If used by children, it is important that they can remove the weighted blanket themselves.

The weighted blanket is recommended for children 12 years and older, due to the weight and size of the blanket.

The child’s head and neck must be free at all times.

Maja Ganszyniec

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ODONVIDE weighted blanket, light warm dark grey 150x200 cm 6 kg

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