This mat quickly transforms a common table leg into a scratch mat where your cat can stretch and sharpen their claws. A smart and inexpensive way to extend the life of your upholstered furniture.
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Made for our four legged family members
"I feel that my pets are the ones who can really take me to the present moment. When we share our time together, my head is more free and other worries and stress fall away. They teach us respect, and their unconditional love is priceless."
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With this cat scratching mat you quickly and easily transform an ordinary table leg into a scratching tree where your cat can both sharpen their claws and stretch.

You easily attach the cat scratching mat using the sewn-in straps.

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The cat scratching mat is both durable and hardwearing since it’s made from 50% sisal, a natural fibre from the agave plant.

For cats.

Inma Bermudez

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LURVIG scratching mat natural 25x63 cm

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