The soft padding prevents your child from bumping its head, arms or legs against the cot’s hard spindles. It’s made in one piece so it’s easy to place in the cot, and the fasteners make sure it stays there.
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Safe sleeping space with recycled PET plastic
Bumper pads for cots have been in our range for a long time, but since we’re always keen to further develop and improve our products, they've been renewed from time to time. LEN is a new update. This time we decided to make the soft polyester filling partly with plastic from recycled PET bottles. Since the bottles have been approved for foodstuffs, the material is safe and LEN feels like a good choice, both for babies and us adults.
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A safe and secure sleeping environment is the best thing you can give your baby. A bumper pad prevents your baby from bumping into or getting stuck between the cot's hard rails.

Soft and thick bumper pad made of cotton and polyester, sturdy enough to not loosen from flailing hands or feet. The filling also allows air to circulate which provides a comfortable sleeping environment.

The bumper pad is easy to fix in place and remove with the help of the loops – and just as easy to wash.

The 4 sides of the bumper pad are fixed to 1 bottom and sewn as a uniform piece. So you only need to put the mattress over the bottom of the bumper pad to keep it firmly in place in the cot.

The soft, smooth surface is durable and contains no substances, phthalates or chemicals that can harm your baby's skin or health.

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Recommended for ages from 0 year.

WARNING! Remove cot bumper when child can sit unaided.

This bumper pad is made in one piece. Keep it in place by using to the hook-and-loop fasteners on the sides and by placing a mattress on top.

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LEN bumper pad white 60x120 cm

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