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This little black lunch bag is always right. Clean design with features like an insulated inside to keep food warm or cold for longer, water-resistant material and a pocket for cutlery and small items.


  • FRAMTUNG bag is designed so that you can bring lunch or snacks in a simple, convenient – and not least stylish way.

    Made of a water-resistant material with robust handles and an insulated inside that keeps the food warm or cold for longer.

    In the mesh pocket you can store cutlery, napkins, a mobile phone or other small items.

    Matches other products in our on-the-go range.

    Please refer to packaging label for country of origin

    Max. load: 5kg.

    Jonas Hultqvist
  • Product dimensions
    35 cm
    22 cm
    17 cm
    Packaging info
    package quantity
    3 cm
    26 cm
    Net weight
    0.14 kg
    1.7 l
    0.14 kg
    26 cm
  • Care instructions
    Wash by hand, max 40°C.,Do not bleach.,Do not tumble dry.,Do not iron.,Do not dryclean.
    Environment and materials
    100% polyester (min. 90% recycled)
    EVA plastic
    100% polypropylene
  • When we create products from recycled polyester, PET bottles and other sources of polyester get a new life in products like textiles, storage boxes, kitchen fronts and even lamps. When using them, you get to enjoy exactly the same quality and function as with virgin polyester products. And naturally, they’re just as clean and safe in every way. And perhaps the very best part – you contribute to using less new raw materials too.
    You have to be meticulous when bringing food and beverages from home since it’s impossible to complete with items from the fridge and pantry once you’re out the door. When we asked customers how we at IKEA can make everyday life on the go easier, we received many good tips. We’ve turned them into practical and affordable storage solutions for meals, snacks and thirst quenchers. In different materials and sizes – for many people and tastes. A big thank you for your help!


lunch bag, black, 22x17x35 cm


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